duminică, 25 decembrie 2011

Kitchen Art - Ice Cream

This one I painted also for a friend for her birthday. I personally would be a bit afraid to put something like this on the wall, as I surely would end up eating buckets of ice cream...

Japan on Thirts

These where my designs for the second round of the before-mentioned contest. It won a third place, and so did the one with the cat.  yey :D

miercuri, 16 noiembrie 2011

Cats on a Shirt

These T-shirt designs I made for a contest. The contest has three rounds and this one was about cats.

duminică, 30 octombrie 2011

vineri, 21 octombrie 2011

Children's Board-game

copyright EDU

Some stuff I've made at work this week, that I had a lot of fun with. It's board-game for kids, age 3-5, with some simple 3D pieces to cut out and assemble.
The board and the pieces are drawn is Flash, the 3d image I've rendered in Maya.

sâmbătă, 17 septembrie 2011

luni, 12 septembrie 2011


This is a three-piece-painting I've done for our hall. I've chosen the color and the shapes in hope to give it some life and fun-feeling. It's acrylic paint on canvas and it took forever to finish, I kinda ran out of inspiration after the first piece...

joi, 8 septembrie 2011


Some hand made jewelery in a pretty aquamarine color...this is the color that most of my jewelery ends up to be painted in...I don't really understand why...Next time I will try something new...maybe some reds or oranges.

luni, 16 mai 2011

Csiga Csaba

Inspired by a nursery rhyme from Tóthárpád Ferenc. It's about a snail that goes to the beach and rents out his house to some ants.

sâmbătă, 14 mai 2011

luni, 2 mai 2011

Kitchen Art

In my kitchen there in a big empty wall, so I thought some delicious paintings would make it unique.
It's acrylic paint on some really cheep canvas.