joi, 20 decembrie 2012

Cut-n-paste castle

These last few days work has been a lot of fun, as I had to design a cut and paste castle and fairy tale characters. Because the paper has two sides anyways, I made two versions, one for girls and one for boys.
Here are the 3d models of the castles with the prince princess and the dragon.

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To be continued...

duminică, 25 noiembrie 2012


Recently I've been working on a projects where I had to draw lots of devils. Girls, boys, evil and less evil. These are a few of the rejected versions, it took a bit until I got the hang of it.

duminică, 21 octombrie 2012


Logo for the soon-to-be-born Educrates Foundation

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Hexaflaxagons are really cool. Really.
It took me quite a few hours to figure out how the patters behave, but finally it all came together. Just print the image, fold it into a hexaflaxagon and try to find all the 14 patterns (if you don't get these patters it means you folded it the wrong way, try to spiral it the other way round).

These are the patters you should find (actually there are more, it's just that because of the symmetry some of these patters, they look the same).

sâmbătă, 29 septembrie 2012


This one is a personal infograph I submitted for a contest, and it won first place . They gave out three first places but still I was quite happy about the win.

duminică, 26 august 2012

For the Kitchen

Also for a B-day. Slowly but surely all my friend will have one of these to decorate their kitchen, so next year I will have to do a lot more thinking when it comes to birthday presents.

duminică, 19 august 2012

In Ten Years' Time

A childhood friend of mine got married yesterday, and this was the present I made for her and her husband.
The idea was to make the couple think a bit about their future together, and compose their 2022 family photo.

This will be the background.

The wife

The husband


sâmbătă, 28 aprilie 2012

More Wedding Stuff

Just two more weeks to go :). Here are the placement cards, table numbers, and wine bottle labels that we will be using.

sâmbătă, 31 martie 2012

Our Wedding Invitations

 It took some time to design the invitations, but the real work came after that, when we had to hand-cut and glue each piece together. It was fun though.

These parts were drawn in Flash and then printed on cardboard.
The rest was made in Photoshop, and also printed on cardboard.

The result.

vineri, 3 februarie 2012

Erik the Red

Here are some angry vikings sitting around a table, also something I did for work.

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